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About  Twin Cal Lending

Twin Cal Lending is a highly trusted firm that provides private money financing to real estate investors. When traditional loan products are not flexible enough to meet investors’ needs, Twin Cal Lending offers quick and easy asset-based funding with minimal paperwork. Twin Cal Lending offers very competitive pricing and a vast array of products. We understand the importance of each transaction and will ensure that your loan gets done without harsh requirements. Our private money specialists are always ready to assist you.


Meet The Founders

The co-founders of Twin Cal Lending, Oleg Ahamian with his Twin brother Arsen Ahamian, are among the top producing private money specialists in Southern California. Twin Cal Lending Inc. is a leading private money lending firm, which partners with Twin Capital Management Inc., a firm that specializes in money management. Oleg and Arsen Ahamian have many years of expertise in project underwriting and have access to large capital, which funds transactions approved by them. For many years, they’ve provided capital to more than 1,000 clients and have funded over 1 billion in investment loans. Oleg and Arsen remain personally available to their clients because they strongly believe people matter and their clients come first.

Why Choose Us

Our priority is to make the whole process smooth and easy as well as enjoyable for all investors.

Ready To Start Investing With Us?

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